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About Integral Leadership Development

At Integral Leadership Development Ltd, we offer transformational services to help Executives, Executive Teams, and Evolutionary Coaches and Consultants, to evolve, grow, and become masters of their craft.

Unlocking evolutionary potential is a process of enabling and encouraging individuals and teams to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing market environment. Just as evolution drives biological organisms to develop advantageous traits over time, businesses and their leaders must evolve to remain competitive and relevant in their industries. 


With more than 13 years of experience in helping business and business leaders transform and grow, Integral Leadership Development is the perfect partner to support you and your organization in its next iterative phase. 

Integral Leadership Development Ltd

How can Integral leadership development help you?

Executive coaching

Transformational Executive Coaching Packages for Leaders who want to Evolve 

Coach the Coach/consultant

For Coaches/Consultants who want to dive deep into the Mastery and Spiritual Essence of their craft

Offsites and facilitation

Evolve your next Team Offsite with expert Planning and Facilitation

Executive Team Development

Build Trust, Increase Effectiveness & Productivity, and Create Greater Alignment within your Executive Team

360 Feedback

Uncover Blindspots, better understand  Strengths, and Leverage Information gathered to create an Evolutionary Plan

leadership development

 Enhance your team's Productivity, Profitability, and Competitiveness with Expert Training

Joshua Miller, Joint Managing Director, Charlie Miller Hairdressing Ltd

“Working with Chris allowed us to explore hidden areas that were not being addressed, which ultimately were getting in the way of progress. His knowledge and skilful approach to coaching produced tangible results which meant working with him was totally worthwhile. I'm looking forward to working with Chris again and am delighted to recommend him.”

Senior Partner, Global Consulting Firm

“Over the last 8 years, at critical moments in my career (e.g. taking over the lead of a large client account, becoming a member of the firm’s global leadership team) I worked with Chris to shape my agenda and to define my way of being in these new roles. Chris’ coaching skills allowed to lay out my journey from current state to target picture and were instrumental in developing an inspirational and empathetic leadership style.”

Dorcas Kamuya, Head of Scientific Department & social science researcher, KWTRP, Kenya

"Working with Chris has been extremely invaluable. It became clear to me that changing behaviour and attitude takes time and can be done very unassumingly, quietly, and patiently, in the background of everything else that would be going on. I am extremely delighted that I got to work with a very careful, attentive, and experienced coach, a great listener, and unafraid to change the coaching to suit my personality and style."

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Integral Leadership Development Ltd

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