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Polishing the Mirror

Polishing The Mirror

Coaching for Coaches and Consultants who want to ground their work in pure awareness

Polishing the Mirror is a Zen Buddhist concept and metaphor for the essence of mind being hidden by conceptual thoughts that obstruct its pure essence, or ability to live from pure awareness. 

My cutting-edge 6-month Coaching Programs for Coaches and Consultants are specifically designed to help you polish your own mirror and develop your capacity to coach from not knowing mind and get out of your own way, allowing Wisdom to come through you. 

In these Programs, I draw upon my 13 years of experience as an executive coach, 8 years on Faculty for Integral Coaching Canada, training and coaching hundreds of students around the world, and 10 years as a Zen practitioner and Zen Priest to take you deep into your own essence. 

About The COACHING Program
Who is it for

I work with successful and experienced Coaches and Consultants who want to take their work deeper into the spiritual dimensions of individual and organizational change. Individuals who know there is more waiting just beyond the limits of their cognitive minds in the realm of deep trust and not knowing, but don't know how to access this sacred space and knowledge in a consistent manner. 

With expert guidance, bespoke coaching practices, and personally designed guided meditations, I can help you access far greater and wider states of consciousness in which you can work and live from.

How I work

My coaching practice is deeply informed by the polishing of my own mirror over many many years. For me, coaching is a deeply spiritual practice that I take very seriously, alongside a playful and light-heartedness that I always bring to my work. I work very intuitionally while staying grounded and integrated in the Integral Coaching Canada methodology as my cognitive anchor. When reading the section below on what you will develop in this coaching program, you will get a feel for what I embody and bring to all of my conversations and interactions. I always aim to walk my talk and embody the fierce and loving presence of a Zen Priest and Master Coach in perfect integration. 

Coaching for Coaches and Consultants
What you will develop
  • A greater ability to take your seat as a Coach or Consultant who works from not knowing mind or pure awareness

  • Ability to be more direct and unconditionally compassionate with clients individually and collectively

  • Develop more absolute clarity in your coaching when operating from 'Not Knowing' mind

  • Integrated intuition that encompasses body-heart-mind

  • Increased self-awareness of your personal triggers and contractions in the interpersonal domain

  • Expanded sense of alignment and deeper purpose with the work you offer to the world

  • Increased ability to transform the lives of those you work with

  • A deeper understanding of transformational coaching that leverages your existing skills and competencies

  • Greater core confidence in offering your unique gifts to the world through your craft 

What the 6-month coaching program includes
  • 2-3 Coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited support via email and WhatsApp

  • Personally designed practices including reflection and journaling questions

  • Personally designed guided meditations

  • Resources

Cost per month: $1200-$1800 sliding scale depending on income
  • Average Coaching Program is 6 months long​


A deeper exploration into Polishing The Mirror Coaching Program

General introduction to the Polishing The Mirror Coaching Progarm

Guided Meditation Example - Picturing your client in your heart

What Makes a Powerful and Impactful Coach?

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