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Founder of Integral Leadership Development Ltd Chris Alder


Passionate About Transforming Lives and Businesses

At Integral Leadership Development, we offer transformational services to help Executives, Executive Teams, and Evolutionary Coaches and Consultants, to evolve, grow, and become masters of their craft.

Started in 2010 by Chris Alder, Company Director and Founder, Integral Leadership Development Ltd has gone on to help clients around the world in their personal and professional transformation. 

In 2022 he joined Evolution, Silicon Valley's #1 Coaching and Consultancy Firm as a Partner in the business and operates all of Integral Leadership Development's engagements through Evolution. This means he now collaborates and works with more than 40 Partners from around the world on coaching and consultancy projects, increasing his capacity to serve his clients exponentially. 


Chris completed his coaching studies with Integral Coaching Canada to become an Integral Master Coach™ in 2010 and went on to train with them as a faculty member in 2015, where he now teaches their ICF-accredited programs in Europe and Canada. This deeply transformative coaching approach is based on some of the latest theories from Harvard developmental psychologist Robert Kegan and Integral theorist Ken Wilber, and drills deeply into hidden assumptions and beliefs that limit clients’ ability to thrive and grow.

Chris is often described as an enthusiastic and passionate Executive Coach, Facilitator, Coach Trainer, and Zen Priest, who loves to inspire others to think, feel, and be more fully themselves in the workplace. He is recognized for his light and playful approach to challenging and powerful topics, making them fun, accessible, and relevant. 

He has lived and worked in the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Europe, and brings an intimate understanding of cultural diversity alongside the deep humanity that binds us all together. 

Before his career in coaching and consultancy, he was a professional private chef traveling the world catering for the rich and famous on their super yachts and in their private homes. It was during this time he developed his passion for people, cultures, and leadership in highly stressed environments.

Alongside his Coaching and Consultancy work, he is also a Zen Buddhist Priest and spends 2-3 weeks a year on meditation retreats. This supports his own development and continued growth as a coach while inspiring and informing his coaching work with his clients. Originally from the Isle of Wight in England, he now lives in the hills of Perthshire in Scotland, with his wife and daughter.




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