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Executive coaching

Transformational Executive Coaching Packages for Leaders who want to Evolve 

Coach the Coach/consultant

For Coaches/Consultants who want to dive deep into the Mastery and Spiritual Essence of their craft

Offsites and facilitation

Evolve your next Team Offsite with expert Planning and Facilitation

Executive Team Development

Build Trust, Increase Effectiveness & Productivity, and Create Greater Alignment within your Executive Team

360 Feedback

Uncover Blindspots, better understand  Strengths, and Leverage Information gathered to create an Evolutionary Plan

leadership development

 Enhance your team's Productivity, Profitability, and Competitiveness with Expert Training

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leaders today are under an incredible amount of pressure to deliver results in a highly unstable, uncertain, and volatile business environment. They need to be seen as in control, confident, and decisive, alongside being understanding, empathetic and compassionate with their teams. Developing the skillset they need to thrive in these conditions is no easy feat, that's why most Executives seek out the support and guidance of an Executive Coach. 

At Integral Leadership Development we aim to address leadership challenges and personal development in a holistic and comprehensive manner, considering not only the immediate performance and skill development of the executive but also the deeper aspects of their values, beliefs, worldview, and interpersonal dynamics. It encompasses many of the traditional coaching techniques, leadership assessments, emotional intelligence development, communication skills, systems thinking, mindfulness practices, and more, all with an emphasis on helping the executive improve their effectiveness and achieve their goals.

coaching Topics 

These are a few of the topics Executives can develop within their coaching. 

  • Greater agency and power

  • Collaboration skills 

  • Managing complexity and conflicting demands

  • Increased confidence

  • Navigating challenging interpersonal situations

  • Increased personal awareness

  • Greater emotional intelligence

  • Optimizing influence 

  • More decisive decision-making skills

  • Skillfully managing change

  • Strategic planning

  • Balancing conflicting priorities

  • Managing stakeholder expectations

  • Navigating globalization and cultural diversity

  • Personal well-being 

Executive Team Development

An Executive team is like the backbone of an organization; If it isn't aligned, it causes a whole heap of pain to everyone in the business.


Alignment, trust, the ability to face conflict together, hold each other accountable, strategize, plan, restructure, adapt, innovate, allocate resources, and manage the day-to-day running of the business is a lot to keep track of, even for the highest performing Executive Teams. That is why the best teams in the world look for support and guidance to help them see what they can't see from within the system and challenge their assumptions, all in order to enhance effectiveness, cohesion, and performance. 

Integral Leadership Development has been supporting Executive Teams around the world for the past 13 years from all industries and sectors. Every single engagement is unique and we never offer off-the-shelf solutions. We partner with you to explore, enquire, iterate, and experiment to continually improve and work towards greater levels of trust, alignment and results. 

Executive Team Development
Coaching for Coaches and Consultants

Coach the coach/ consultant

Working as a Changemaker in the world as a Coach or a Consultant is a privilege and a huge responsibility. It takes continued personal, spiritual, somatic, and emotional growth and development to stay on top of your game and be the master of your craft. ​Chris at Integral Leadership Development has coached and supported hundreds of coaches around the globe to step up, step in, and work on 'self as instrument' in service to their clients. Helping Coaches to polish their own mirror and make sure they are in full integrity in all that they do and all that they offer to the world. He works with experienced Coaches and Consultants who are already successful, already have a full book of business, and are looking to take their coaching work to the next level. Tying in his Integral Coaching approach alongside his 25+ years as a spiritual practitioner and Zen Priest, he offers a space to deeply reflect, adapt, and transform the work of coaches who want to coach from a state of pure presence, where they are being an instrument for the work to come through them. ​"Polishing Your Mirror" is his Advanced Coaching Program for Coaches and Consultants. To find out more about click the link below.  ​

360 Feedback

Executive 360 Feedback

What is a 360° Leadership Assessment?

Unlike a typical leadership assessment, a 360° leadership assessment gathers feedback from all levels a leader needs to be competent – bosses, associates, and peers, and direct reports to evaluate a leader’s leadership skills, attitudes, influence, overall effectiveness, and other key leadership competencies. Leadership Circle Profile is unique because it is the only 360° assessment that measures Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies, combining leadership’s inner and outer attributes. This 360-degree assessment feedback gives the leader greater insight into how they are perceived, including strengths and current limitations in their leadership effectiveness.

The 360° Leadership Circle Interactive Graph


Integral Leadership Development has been conducting 360's using the LCP tool for more than a decade now, on the individual and collective level. We believe it is one of the most comprehensive, powerful, and impactful 360 tools on the market

Understanding the Leadership Circle Profile

Unlike most 360 leadership assessments that take hours to interpret, the Leadership Circle Profile reveals itself in seconds, putting leaders in touch with what is working, what is not, and why. Integrated information brings essential information to the surface instantly. The leader’s Self Score (bold line) and their rater’s Aggregate Score (green shading) are overlaid on the same graph, enabling leaders to instantly see where they stand not only with those they work but compared with our global leadership database.

Offsites and Facilitation

Offsites are an incredible way for a Team to build trust and alignment, work on strategy, innovation and build the connective tissue of the Team. Planning and Facilitating the various elements and making sure that you achieve the results your Team is looking for is crucial to a successful Offsite, and expert support makes all the difference. 

At Integral Leadership Development we pride ourselves in creating fun, engaging, and transformative experiences for Teams during their Offsites. We weave together innovative team-building exercises while helping Teams drop into their challenging topics that need addressing in a safe and productive way. 

Teams leave feeling more aligned, focused, connected, and clear on how to integrate their experiences back into their workplace. 

Leadership development

Empower your team through shared experiences and toolsets for effective leadership

Our workshops and learning experiences are deeply experiential to create powerful, long-lasting effects in your organization’s leaders.

Our leadership development programs are bespoke - designed to meet your team where you are today and chart a path to where you want to be.

Common topic areas include: Manager and emerging leader training, accountability, running effective 1:1s, having difficult conversations, time management and prioritization, giving and receiving feedback, mindful leadership, performance management, as well as many others.

Leadership development & training helps:

  • Introduce proven methodologies for managing yourself, a team, and a scaling organization.

  • Provide managers - both new and seasoned - with shared leadership toolsets.

  • Make it clear that professional growth is a priority within your organization.

  • Drive meaningful results on your current pain points and opportunities.

Leadership Development and Training
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