Leadership Coaching 

Mindfulness Training

We offer a range of mindfulness training from beginner up to expert for all types of businesses and employees.


We believe that you need to strip out all of the spiritual jargon and make mindfulness as simple, clear and approachable as possible for people in the workplace. Offering them clear and simple instructions and giving a solid taste of the benefits for people personally and for the organisation.  


For more information about our mindfulness training packages, from 2 hours to 2 days, all designed bespoke for your organisation and personal requirements, please contact us.


Our Approach

We believe that the clear and simple instructions of Zen meditation is the best way to teach mindfulness in businesses.


Our instructors are trained in a modern day process called Mondo Zen™, which can quickly give people a taste of what an empty meditative mind is on an experiential level, so that they know what they are aiming for. 


This simple method has powerful results which can ripple through the whole organisation and have long lasting effects. 


Please contact us for more details.


What can Mindfulness help with?
  • Increased focus

  • Handling stress better

  • Making more level headed decisions

  • Increasing motivation

  • Improve staff retention

  • Remaining more objective

  • More well-being and happiness

  • Better team spirit 


All of these can be achieved by introducing some simple mindfulness techniques which are easy to learn and highly effective.