Leadership Coaching 

An Integral Map of your Business

All businesses are now part of a ever growing mesh of complexity which is getting harder and harder to navigate.


​Our Integral Business Consultancy Bases all of its work on the Integral Map, which correlates, clarifies and simplifies the ever incresing complexity the world today.

The AQAL map


Integral Consultancy

By using the Integral Map and cutting through the complexity, Integral Consultancy can dramatically help businesses achieve higher  performance. Drawing on groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high achieving 'Integral' businesses, we deliver insights and put them into action.


We provide an integrated approach to consulting, drawing on a range of processes to identify key issues, tailor a specific business solution & assist in effective implementation.


Integral in its essence is about making sure all perspectives have been taken into account. So with an Integral Consultancy approach you get to see the whole picture and make informed, intelligent and effective decisions and actions plans  based on  the widest perspective possible.


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