Leadership Coaching 

Being a Great

Being a great leader isn't something that happens overnight. It comes from experience, knowledge and expert guidance; without any one of these it can be a dangerous and sometimes painful journey.

Executive Coaching is a tried and tested method to help navigate these sometimes stormy waters and offers you invaluable perspectives to the way you approach your work and your life. 

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We offer our coaching packages on Skype as well as in person, offering maximum flexibility for you in your busy work life. 

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What is Integral Coaching®

Integral Coaching® is a powerful form of Personal Change Management which is based on years of research into human growth and development. It deeply honours and leverages people's strengths and capacities while systemically targeting developmental edges and areas of personal growth potential. 


When this rigorous method is applied to Executive Coaching it creates clear learning paths for the client, skilfully highlights any limiting belief patterns which might be holding them back and offers them a new route forward which feels far more satisfying and achievable. 


This unique methodology is being used in companies around the world with incredible results for the individuals and their organisations. 


Dream big by setting yourself seemily impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them.

- Richard Branson

What can
Executive Coaching
help with?
  • Optimise Influence

  • More Awareness

  • Leverage Strengths 

  • Maximise Communication 

  • Develop New Leaderships Skills

  • Greater Job Satisfaction

  • Change Old Patterns

  • Increased Productivity

  • Gain New Perspectives

  • Greater Confidence

  • Better Work/Life Balance


These are just some of the benefits for the individuals who go through our Executive Coaching Program. Of course, there is an equally long list of benefits for the organisation. To read what others have gained from working with us please see our 'About Us' page.

360 Degree Feedback Survey - The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is a true breakthrough among 360-degree profiles. It is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behaviour. Ultimately, LCP goes to the source of behaviour to get greater leverage on change. Furthermore, unlike most profiles that take hours to interpret, LCP integrates all this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly

Leadership Circle 360 Profile Example

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