Leadership Coaching 

Coaching Training

Increasing your organisation's internal coaching capacity in addition to traditional staff apprasials is a clear way to quickly and effectively handle performance issues, clear barriers and focus on new unseen solutions. It can dramatically increase your staff retention figures and create better staff morale in the workplace.


Integral Leadership Development can offer full ICF accredited coaching training for you and your employees through our partner organisation Integral Coaching Canada.  


This can also reduce the cost of having to use expensive external coaches and consultants and creates a new 'coaching culture' in your organisation which many companies are now realising is the way to create a happy and profitable business.


Please contact us to find out more about our in-house coaching training.

Culture Change

Training Courses

We offer a whole range of in-house training programs to help develop your organisation's leadership capacity. 


All of our training programs are adapted and developed alongside your specific needs, making sure we are always targeting your unique requirements. 


These are some of the areas we cover in our training courses. 


  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace

  • Essential Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Better Appraisals

  • Holding more Productive and Inclusive Meetings

  • Better Delegation Skills

  • How to Create Organisational Change

  • Time and Self Management Skills

Collabrative Leadership

More and more businesses are now using a Collaborative Leadership processes to find creative and innovative solutions to their challenges.


The basic premise is that "if you bring the appropriate people together in constructive ways with good information, they will create authentic visions and strategies for addressing the shared concerns of the organization or community."


This basically means that you include a broad cross-section of the organisation from every department involved into the decision making process. When well facilitated this can bring forth solutions, ideas and visions which the board of directors may never had come up with on their own. It also empowers your employees and lets them know that their opinions and ideas are valid, important and useful. 


To find out more about how we can help you facilitate these kinds of dialogues in your business get in touch.