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Chris Alder, Integral Master Coach and Consultant

Chris Alder, Integral Master Coach™ and Lead Consultant

Chris is a change maker, visionary and integral thinker who lives his life according to Einstein's famous quote 'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'. He strives to create new levels of thinking with all of his clients, individual and organisational, knowing that ultimately this is the most effective way forward and the best way to bring about change.


As well as running Integral Leadership Development he is on the teaching staff of Integral Coaching Canada, one of the world's most progressive coaching schools, where he leads classes of up to 24 students for programs in-house and externally. He also works as a Collaborative Leadership Consultant for RISE Beyond. 


Mindfulness is also a big part of Chris's life and he spends 3-4 weeks a year on silent meditation retreats, deepening his own personal practice and learning new skills and techniques for teaching mindfulness in business. He became an Integral Zen Buddhist Priest in 2017.


Prior to launching Integral Leadership Development, Chris worked in the field of Catering Management, Catering Consultancy and as a Superyacht Chef, where for over 20 years he has been developing his own leadership skills, deepening his knowledge of organisational structures and delivering consistently high results in a fast-paced and highly demanding industry.



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Integral Coaching Canada Certification Program
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Helena Alder, Integral Master Coach™ and Leadership Consultant

Helena is an Integral Master Coach™ with a passion for leadership coaching and working with people ready to take their life and leadership abilities to the next level. With her previous background as a dentist in private dentistry, she knows what it takes to provide excellence and service to  customers with high expectations. 

She became interested in leadership of both self and others when she started her career seeing the challenges of what it takes to get a team to work together when working under pressure to provide excellence, service and customer care. She loves to support leaders and people in roles of responsibility to thrive in their roles and to tap into their own strengths and potential for excellence as they do so. Helena also works with integrating mindfulness techniques into her work, and she's also a certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, prov., as well as in Internal Family Systems. She is also a Zen Buddhist Priest in Training. 


She is married to Chris Alder, and together they have a little daughter who brings them both a lot of fun and opportunities for growth. She enjoys practising meditation and staying active in her free time.

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Integral Coaching Canada Certification Program
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Madelanne Rust-D’Eye, MA, Leadership Coach and Consultant

Madelanne is a somatic psychotherapist (MA Somatic Counselling Psychology, Naropa University, 2013) an experiential educator, and a facilitator of complex group processes.

She enables individuals and organisations to chew through the tricky stuff; to get in touch with what’s at the heart of personal and organisational challenges, to build skills and change behaviour, and to carve out more satisfying grooves. To all of her work, she brings a grounded compassionate presence, fearlessness to ask the difficult questions and open up new territory, and her trademark sense of play.

Having started her career in psychology, she was first invited to bring her work to organisations in 2015, when her skills as a group facilitator became in-demand with groups attempting to integrate more participatory leadership models. While attempting to transform, these groups kept bumping up against old patterns, which they requested her support to experientially identify, learn from, and shift. Since then, her professional portfolio has expanded rapidly to include grassroots and corporate clients from across the UK and Europe.  

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“Working with Chris at Integral Leadership Development allowed us to explore hidden areas that were not being addressed, which ultimately were getting in the way of progress. His knowledge and skilful approach to coaching produced tangible results which meant working with him was totally worthwhile. I'm looking forward to working with Chris again and am delighted to recommend him.” Joshua Miller, Joint Managing Director, Charlie Miller Hairdressing Ltd

“Chris is an amazing coach. I have just completed 6 months of coaching with him and have far surpassed my goals. Chris has a rare talent, he genuinely understands where people are coming from, and he uses the knowledge to devise the perfect developmental program. The whole process is not only life changing but it is also a lot of fun! I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a coach. If something in your life is not quite right the best thing you can do is contact Chris and start working on it”. Simon Turner, Fund Manager

“I was unsure of what to expect but I liked the sound of what was on offer. I have struggled in the past to find an executive coaching programme that includes all aspects of my life. This time though my hopes and expectations were more than met. My experience of Integral Leadership Development has given me invaluable insights into myself and into different ways of being. Particularly into how I can continue to develop and grow as a person and as a leader and how I can act in a more integrated way in both my personal and professional life to the benefit of myself, those close to me and those around me”. Gregor Henderson, Director Wellbeing and Mental Health at Public Health England

”I started working with Helena at what I would call a watershed moment in my life. At that point, I was feeling quite victimised and overwhelmed by my situation. Through the coaching process, Helena helped me to become aware of where I was holding onto outmoded values and behaviours while guiding me to envision and act on, the values and behaviours which I wanted to live by. As a result of this process, I have been able to make a number of big and positive changes in my life and I’m really grateful to Helena for steering me through this difficult period with such grace and humanity, as well as a tremendous sense of fun!” Ann-Mari Freebairn, Director of Marketing and Communications at SSAFA


“When I started my coaching process with Helena, although knew there was something I wanted to change, I was unsure of what it was. Helena carefully guided me through refining what I felt was holding me back in life, which was around my energy levels and the fun I was having (or not having) in my work. We did a long term programme together, often just meeting once every 3 weeks which suited me well. The process was very subtle, but I felt throughout, tremendous support from Helena. When we started our work together I was in a high-pressure job, struggling to enjoy my work and look after my health. Since completing our programme my life has totally changed. I’m taking much better care of myself, physically. I’m having fun in a new job and I’ve found the courage to explore my dream of being a sculptor.”  Alison Carter, Film Editor and Sculptor